Scroll Saw Reviews and Ratings

Welcome to this page, your number one source for complete and unbiased scroll saw ratings and scroll saw reviews. Our teams of expert carpenters give scroll saw ratings and scroll saw reviews to hundreds of different makes and models. When a jigsaw does not cut it, the scroll saw will be there to save the day. Like a scroll saw, we aim to help you cut curves in finding the scroll saw that will function best in your workplace. On this site you can read our industry professional scroll saw reviews as well as those left by users like you. If you have sawed with a certain type of scroll saw, you are able to leave your own scroll saw reviews in our reviews section.


Scroll saws are designed to make specialized curved cuts that are too difficult or intricate for a coping saw or jigsaw. However, our scroll saw reviews have found that scroll saws are very similar to jigsaws because they use a blade that continuously reciprocates. We give high scroll saw ratings to any scroll saw that allows you to easily change blades, as they will need to be changed frequently between projects.


During our scroll saw reviews we have found that there are many blade features you must consider when choosing the right one. The blades of a scroll saw are extremely thin, delicate, and come with a variety of different teeth options depending on what job you are trying to complete. Our scroll saw reviews have found that most scroll saw blades are rated in teeth per inch or TPI. The more TPI on a blade, the more accurate you will be able to cut at the price of the blade being more delicate. Depending on the scroll saw, pin-end and plain-end blades are two major types of blades accepted. A scroll saw utilizing a pin-end blade will hoist the blade up with a small hook-like pin. Our scroll saw reviews have found that pin-end blades allow for a very quick blade change. Scroll saws accepting plain-end blades are the oldest type of scroll saw blade. Plain-end blades are essentially clamped via vice-like jaws into the scroll saw. During our scroll saw reviews we have found that plain-end blades are more readily available at hardware stores than their pin-end counterparts.


Some of the scroll saws in our scroll saw reviews include variable speed pedals that allow you to have complete control over the speed of the blade. We recommend variable speed controlled scroll saws to anyone looking to make the most precise cuts. Scroll saws come in a variety of different sizes and can be used with many different blades to meet the demands of various jobs. We highly recommend that when using a scroll saw you wear a mask with good ventilation and make sure to keep fingers far away from the blade. While performing our scroll saw ratings, we have found that proper cuts are always achieved under good lighting conditions.


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