DeWalt DW 713 10-inch Compound Miter Saw - Full Review

If you're looking for a saw from one of the big namesthat can handle both general and fine cutting  projects, the DeWalt DW 713 10-inch compound miter sawwill definitely not be a disappointment!  With its sturdy and smart design, you'll be able to count on this saw for years - no matter how experienced of a carpenter you may be.

Selling at a very affordable price, don't expect the DW 713 to come with all of the bells and whistles that priceier models give you. However, if you just need something that will take on basic projects around the house, or even more precise jobs for your small business, you'll be impressed with this saw.

So, what does it come with?




The DW 713 has some impressive specs, including:

  • A 15-amp, 5,000 RPM motor
  • A lightweight design, weighing in at only 35 pounds
  • A stainless steel detent place with 11 positive stops
  • Sliding fences that can be used on crown molding up to 4.5" and base molding up to 6"
  • A special base fence support that will keep the saw perpendicular during vertical cuts
  • A cam miter lock handle
  • A range of 0-48 degrees to the left, 0-3 degrees to the right, and positive bevel stops that range from 0-45 degrees
  • A 40-tooth carbide blade
  • A blade guard
  • A built-in dust bag
  • A 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with DeWalt's DW 7085 LED work light system and the DW 7187 laser system (both sold separately)

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DeWalt DW 713 Reviews

Now that you know what it comes with, what do owners of the DW 713 have to say about it?


All good things!


It's tough to find a power tool - much less a compound miter saw - that has fantastic reviews across the board, but that's exactly what we found with the DeWalt DW 713.


First and foremost, reviewers couldn't stop raving about the design. Most of them praised DeWalt for coming up with a 10-inch compound miter saw that was solid and handles well. When you consider that this saw is also cheaper than many of its counterparts, reviewers said it was an absolute steal!


Of course, for the affordable price you can get it at Amazon, you can't expect all of the fancy-schmancy gadgets that come with other miter saws. However, many reviewers mentioned that they didn't need all of the extra gadgets - and didn't want to have to pay for things they wouldn't use. As some of them pointed out, if you're looking for extra bells and whistles, this is not the saw for you.


Luckily, though, you don't need bells and whistles to be accurate. According to the reviews we read, the DW 713 is just as accurate as all of the pricier saws you see on the market. As an added benefit, several reviewers said the DeWalt DW 713 didn't even need to be calibrated when they pulled it out of the box!


In addition to its accuracy, the DW 713 is also easy to use. A number of reviewers said that it was very easy to adjust from side-to-side. And, because of its smart design, the DW 713 doesn't get clogged with dust when you try to adjust it - like other miter saws do.

And speaking of dust, the DeWalt DW 713 picks most of it up. Sure, virtually every miter saw comes with a built-in dust bag, but most of them leave more dust behind than they actually pick up. Luckily, according to reviewers, the DW 713's dust bag does what it promises.

But how long can you expect the DeWalt DW 713 10-inch compound miter saw to last?


According to reviewers, an awfully long time!


We read several reviews where people said they used this saw every single day, and it still performed just as well as the day they pulled it out of the box. A number of them commented that it will be several years before they're in the market for another DeWalt 10 compound miter saw!

And speaking of pulling it out of the box, many reviewers said they were able to use the DW 713 within minutes of receiving it. That's because this saw comes fully assembled. You might want to have a couple of tools on hand to double-check the calibration (since the saw was likely jostled during shipping). But, even if your DW 713 10 miter saw needs to be calibrated, reviewers say it's something you can do in a couple of minutes.


Is there any downside to this saw?


According to the reviews we read, not really!


A couple of reviewers mentioned a recoil during starting and stopping, but it didn't appear to be a major issue. Other reviewers said that the blade that comes with it is OK - but that if you're looking at doing a bunch of really fine cuts, you may want to upgrade the blade first.


Bottom line of the DW 713 miter saw review - The DeWalt DW 713 10-inch compound miter saw is a great tool to add to your saw arsenal. It's the perfect counterpart to bigger saws - like the DW 718. Whether you're using it for work or for play, the Dewalt DW 713 will exceed your expectations!

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